Relax in Hotel Cosmopolite’s private sauna

A steaming sauna after a day in the salty sea breeze? Check! At just 80 metres from the seafront, you enter the private wellness of Hotel Cosmopolite. Ideal for some recharge time or to spend a rainy day. 
Sauna Nieuwpoort can be booked by hotel guests and external visitors. Booking beforehand is mandatory. 


  • Infrared sauna with colour therapy
  • Bubblebath
  • Rain shower 
  • Starry sky
  • Wellness lounge
  • Slippers, towels, bath robes and toiletries by Clarins
  • Optional: Prosecco, fruit, antipasti

Open daily between 09h00 and 23h00


NEW: Body treatments

Book a relaxing body treatment after your visit to the sauna.

Massage has numerous benefits, such as reducing stress and depression through the release of endorphins. It stimulates your natural immune system and restores various bodily functions. It improves blood circulation and lymph flow, helps remove toxins, improves your sleep and relieves muscle pain. It also gives your muscles more strength, elasticity and recovery after exercise. For people doing intellectual work, massage can significantly increase your efficiency, concentration and focus.


Working on the lymphatic system, we can help you lose weight, improve your skin, boost your overall fitness, cleanse your body and strengthen your immune system.

- Body peel with massage    € 110    60'
- Lymphatic drainage body, slimming (multiple session card possible)    € 115    60'
- Anti-cellulite massage, skin improvement    € 120    60'
(lower back, abdomen, hips and legs, multiple session card possible)


Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of muscles, we will help you eliminate fatigue and restore your energy. This will improve your sleep, performance, concentration and mood.

- Neck massage (head: + € 10):    € 40    30'
relaxes neck and shoulder muscles, restores mobility of the head and neck
- Back and neck massage   : € 50    45'
deep relaxation and anti-stress effect
- Legs (lower back, hips and legs):    € 75    45'
deep relaxation, gives energy, vitality and flexibility
- full body:    € 100 60'
deep relaxation, gives energy and anti-stress effect


- neck massage (head: + € 10):     € 40    30'
is performed using a special sensitive, deep and gently relaxing SPA technique
result: complete relaxation of the head and neck, reduces feelings of anxiety and depression, gives a wonderful feeling of tranquillity
- body massage:    € 75    45'
is performed using a special swing technique
result: deep relaxation of the whole body through the special rhythmic movements, similar to cradling a baby, calms you down, reduces feelings of anxiety and depression, gives a feeling of calm.
- foot and sole massage:    € 40    30'
relaxing massage of the feet, lower leg and knee
result: deep relaxation of the whole body and mind, has an anti-stress effect

Closed on Mondays and Sundays.

Our private sauna packages 2023

Still & sparkling water

€ 120 / 2p / 2h
€ 80 /1p / 2h

Le Couchon 75cl

€ 165 / 2p / 2h
€ 125 / 1p / 2h

Le Couchon & fruit/antipasti

€ 175 / 2p / 2h
€ 135 / 1p / 2h








extra person: + € 30
extra hour: + € 60

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