Relax in Hotel Cosmopolite’s private sauna

From the salty sea air to a steamy sauna? Check! Just 80 meters from the seafront, you step into the private wellness of Hotel Cosmopolite in Nieuwpoort. Ideal for recharging  or on a rainy day.

Sauna Nieuwpoort is rented to both hotel guests and non-hotel guests. Advance reservations are required.


  • Infrared sauna with color therapy
  • Hot tub
  • Rain shower
  • Starry sky
  • Wellness lounge
  • Slippers, towels, bathrobes and Phytomer care products
  • Optional: Plate of antipasti, plate of fresh fruit, Club Sandwich 'Cosmopolite', Royal Belgian Caviar platinum (10g), Carafe of smoothie or fresh fruit juice.

    Open every day from 9AM - 11PM

NEW: Body treatments

Book a relaxing body treatment after your visit to the sauna.

Massage has numerous benefits, such as reducing stress and depression through the release of endorphins. It stimulates your natural immune system and restores various bodily functions. It improves blood circulation and lymph flow, helps remove toxins, improves your sleep and relieves muscle pain. It also gives your muscles more strength, elasticity and recovery after exercise. For people doing intellectual work, massage can significantly increase your efficiency, concentration and focus.

Duo-massage / body wrap

Full energetic revitalizing body massage:                          € 180/2p.   60'
Deep relaxation, gives energy and anti-stress effect        € 100/1p.   60'

Nurturing seatonic wrap:           € 200/2p.    60' (bookable from 10/06/2024)
(firming wrap and massage)      € 120/1p.    60'
A highly active gel pack, which is applied and then moulded
to firm the skin, tighten the tissues and overcome sagging skin


Thanks to our deep knowledge of muscles, we will help you eliminate fatigue and restore your energy. This will improve your sleep, performance, concentration and mood.

  • Neck and neck massage (head: + € 10):     € 40     30'
    Relaxes neck and shoulder muscles, restores mobility of the head and neck
  • Back and neck massage with or without scrub:     € 50    45'
    deep relaxation and anti-stress effect
  • Legs (lower back, hips and legs) jambes légères:     € 75    45'
    improves microcirculation, relieves and beautifies the legs
  • Full body:    € 100    60'
    deep relaxation, gives energy and has an anti-stress effect


  • Neck and neck massage (head: + € 10):    € 40    30'
    is performed using a special sensitive, deep and gently relaxing SPA technique
    result: complete relaxation of the head, neck and neck, reduces anxiety and depression, gives a wonderful feeling of tranquility
  • Body massage:    € 75    45'
    is performed using a special swing technique
    result: deep relaxation of the whole body through the special rhythmic movements, similar to rocking a baby, calms you down, reduces feelings of anxiety and depression, gives a feeling of calmness.
  • Foot and sole massage:    € 40    30'
    relaxing massage of the feet, lower leg and knee
    result: deep relaxation of the whole body and mind, has an anti-stress effect.

Hotel guests obtain 15% discount on sauna packages. 
Ask for your Wellness Nieuwpoort Loyalty Card and obtain a 15% discount on a Phytomer product of your choice or massage of your choice after your 5th visit.

Our private sauna packages 2024

Still & sparkling water

€ 120 / 2p / 2h
€ 80 /1p / 2h

Bottle Prosecco Superiore Salatin Brut 75cl

€ 160 / 2p / 2h
€ 120 / 1p / 2h

Bottle Champagne Paul Déthune 75cl

€ 180 / 2p / 2h
€ 140 / 1p / 2h











extra person: + € 30
extra hour: + € 60

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